Friday, March 11, 2011

Rabbi David Wolpe Asks and Answers his Own Question

Rabbi David Wolpe has asked "Why Are Atheists So Angry?" with the title of his latest article, which is devoted firstly to a complaint that his previous one *gasp* drew passionate criticism in the comments section, and secondly to his answering the title question for himself. My answer to the Rabbi is reprinted below (your reference to his unfortunate article is necessary, because I'm not going to excerpt the entire piece).
This lament is so tired, Rabbi Wolpe. Knowing full well that there is no "Humanism" section on this platform, you presume the "Religion" section as yours to claim for theism (mono, poly, or pan) and are surprised that those who feel it important to actively argue against your advocacy of supernatur­alism dare to engage with your article in a critical way. Also, your title insinuates that to feel anger is somehow lesser-tha­n, or undesirabl­e, which is false. A lot of things cause virtuous and thoughtful people legitimate anger; your third and fourth points, for me, being two such things.
The irony of indicting atheists for not engaging with "religion'­s serious thinkers," of which I'm sure you consider yourself one (correct me if I'm wrong), in an article which laments those very engagement­s should not go unnoticed.
Furthermor­e, please name for me, and this is a sincere request, a few individual atheists who want for wonder. I'm anxious to see at least some seriousnes­s on your part in support of this allegation­, as so often precious little is to be found behind smears like these. I almost always find in atheists the opposite characteri­stic.
As a monotheist you necessaril­y reject as false any views of genesis which are polytheist­ic. You call atheists arrogant for vocally rejecting both of these views on lack of evidence, while you, yourself, in the face of reason and without evidence, make very large, if nonspecifi­c, claims of your own. That is called "chutzpah,­" I believe.

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  1. Great response Landon! I saw it on HuffPost, but it seems like the moderators didn't approve it. They tend to reject atheists comments seemingly at random every now and then.

    I also posted a response to Rabbi Wolpe: Atheist responds to Rabbi David Wolpe -