Thursday, November 11, 2010

Young Man Arrested by Palestinian Authority for Atheistic Facebook and Blog Posts

Diaa Hadid reports for the Canadian Press:
Residents of Qalqilya say they had no idea that Walid Husayin — the 26-year-old son of a Muslim scholar — was leading a double life.
Known as a quiet man who prayed with his family each Friday and spent his evenings working in his father's barbershop, Husayin was secretly posting anti-religion rants on the Internet during his free time.
Now, he faces a potential life prison sentence on heresy charges for "insulting the divine essence." Many in this conservative Muslim town say he should be killed for renouncing Islam, and even family members say he should remain behind bars for life.
"He should be burned to death," said Abdul-Latif Dahoud, a 35-year-old Qalqilya resident. The execution should take place in public "to be an example to others," he added.
Over several years, Husayin is suspected of posting arguments in favour of atheism on English and Arabic blogs, where he described the God of Islam as having the attributes of a "primitive Bedouin." He called Islam a "blind faith that grows and takes over people's minds where there is irrationality and ignorance."

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  1. We have no idea whatsoever of how lucky we are for living in a place where freedom is, until a certain degree, respected and preserved. It sickens me that these kind of situations are still happening around the world while we take pleasure out of our taken-as-granted freedom.