Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fuck You Very Much, Your Holiness

The Pope lands in the UK.  The Pope gives a speech.  The Pope compares atheism to Nazism.

The pontiff's off to a good start in the most secular country on Earth.  Keep it up, Ratzinger.  It is for us pure schadenfreude to watch a flailing, old, pederast-protecting former member of the Hitler Youth moralize to the world on the perils of being insufficiently religious.


  1. Ok, but still: "the most secular country on Earth"?

  2. Indeed. Perhaps the better word would have been irreligious. Check up on recent polling. Britain is, or is otherwise tied-for or quickly becoming, the most irreligious country.

    Of course, you may be referring to the lack of church-state separation, whereas, in this case, I'm referring to the population.

  3. Most secular, sadly I don't think so. Which other western democracy has an established church and automatic places for clergy in the legislature?

    As far as Atheism and Nazism is concerned this is a popular myth that the theists perpetuate, given Ratzinger's history it's no big surprise he also pushes this line.

    The fact is that Hitler was a Catholic, his speeches and writings are litered with religous references.

  4. The word secular needn't mean 'secular government.' You can see by the topic (a papal address), and by my response to the previous comment that I didn't use it in reference to government.

    If you refer to Merriam-Webster, secular means:

    "a : of or relating to the worldly or temporal

    b : not overtly or specifically religious

    c : not ecclesiastical or clerical "

    While the government of the United Kingdom may not be called secular, Britain's population (I specify Britain, not the U.K. for a reason) is secular. I realize the word has baggage, nonetheless, it is accurate. Replace it with irreligious or religiously unobservant if it so scratches your eyeballs.

  5. Anonymous is just being a semantic douche. Such a minor point.

  6. dont mince words, man. we will never know for sure until you tell us how you really feel.

    i submit the catholic church is a 2000 year old child molester's club where they get the "god fearing" victims to pay for their clubhouses of child rape.

    "no birth control" = have more babies, priests are horny.

  7. lol, true... of all the ways to describe his post, 'minced' is not one of them.

  8. Just StumbledUpon your article.
    As an Italian Atheist,I can say the Vatican City and the Pope himself have always been a weight, doing nothing but oppressing our country with retrograde speeches (see about abortion) and frankly embarrasing comparisons (i.e atheism-nazism). There's an absolute need for total State-Church separation or things won't get ant better. Ciao Ciao !

  9. The Pope is clearly rattled by all of the activism against him, his principles, and his organisation by secularist organisations. As far as Britain being the most secular country, it's true of course!

    I wish our government were as secular as the people who voted for it! Our deputy PM is "not a man of faith" in his own words, which gives me hope that a more secular government could be on it's way!

  10. @ Synonymous, The Church is clearly rattled, yes. It would be comical if not for the serious nature of the subject.

    @ Anonymous, Hear Hear, and Ciao Ciao.