Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beckfestering 2010

While watching this makes me cringe, it is hard not to notice that many of those who attended Beck's religio-nebulous platitudefest are more uninformed than purposefully sinister (though the same cannot be said for Beck and Freedomworks).  There is undoubtedly a racial element in the movement, but for the most part these are scared people who are simply repeating what they hear from media sources (targeted directly at them and their 'white fright,' as Hitch puts it) without being able to marshal the knowledge to support the arguments.

They are largely unwitting and responding to anxiety - and if saying so will have me charged with accusations of being 'elitist', so be it.


  1. It is amazing how people so willfully want to believe that stuff.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't find the impulse as surprising as you do. Demagogues, throughout history, have often been able to find or engineer for themselves a more or less willing substrate.

  3. Not surprising, just... hmm not amazing either. I guess I was reaching for humbling, or perhaps embarrassing.

    Where is the demogogue who advocates on behalf of reality?