Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shame On You Comedy Central, Deep Shame

Comedy Central Network has cowardly surrendered to the disgusting threats of violence it received from a Muslim group after airing a South Park episode which poked fun at the Islamic censorship of Mohamed.  They have taken the episode down from their website:
With this, Comedy Central have further trained these medieval bullies in getting their way...  threaten loudly enough and (backed up with actual killings for perceived "insults") you can censor us here in America as well.

Apparently lost on this Islamists is the sweet irony.  Much like the absurd reaction to the Danish cartoons depicting Mohamed as violent, which was to protest the images by calling for and carrying out acts of violence - the beheading of defamers, the murder of the cartoonists, and the burning of embassies.


  1. On Youtube, many other atheists have launched a video campaign called "Have You Seen This Man?" where they draw pictures of Muhammad for the rest of us to laugh at. Some of us are thinking of starting an organized protest against Muslim extremists by wearing Muhammad masks.

  2. The US media has no balls. I am NOT a right winger, but this is political correctness gone mad.

  3. The same political correctness responsible for extreme moral relativism, yes.