Friday, January 29, 2010

Cosmic Perspective

This interactive tour through the scales of our beautiful universe, from the planck scale to the "edge" of the universe, will strain your brain to disbelief.  I have not much more to say about this except to spend a good 15 minutes taking it all in.  'Fotoshop,' is the handle of the individual artist who created this lesson in the sublime, and he/she has won my great appreciation.  What a fantastically executed exploration through a reality more incredible than any possible fantasy...  via Tocsin via Bad Astronomy, cheers!


  1. Is it terrible for me to say that I feel like I just had a religious experience!

  2. Well, if you hadn't posted as ANONYMOUS I might beat you over the head with it!

    Just kidding... I know the feeling but don't use the same attribution.