Monday, December 7, 2009

Stop The Insanity... End Minority Rule

If you were to ask me what should be done in a hypothetical situation 8 years from now, when a Republican controlled Congress is trying to privatize social security and increase spending (as they delight in doing while they're in power), while simultaneously deregulating the banks and cutting taxes for the wealthy, I would say "filibuster."

Of course I would want a filibuster, it's a powerful way to stop the other side from getting what they want in a patently anti-democratic way.  If the case could be made that it would be "better for the country" to stop the legislation aforementioned, then by all means, filibuster!  Isn't it great to have the filibuster in our arsenal?

No. It is breaking the institution of Congress, and vastly diminishing the power of our democracy.

"It means the minority party has a continual stake in Congress not really working, because that means the president can't really succeed... The filibuster will end when Congress decides that it wants to be an effective, powerful institution again. But that's the only incentive Congress has to end it. So long as it's simply a question of partisan power, someone will always be in the minority, and so someone will always see the filibuster as serving their interests."

-Ezra Klein has written an simple explanation that all should read... Click here to Read the full article.

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