Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Filibuster Is Anti-Democratic

The Nation's recent editorial Filibustering The Public makes it quite plain: the filibuster is nothing, if not anti-democratic.  It's really as simple as this:

1)  Democracy = Majority Rule
2)  Filibuster = A Minority 41 Senators Have Final Say = Minority Rule

People think that if a 51% majority rule is good, then a 60% majority, well gee... that sounds even better!  Except what this structure actually means is that a 41% minority can stop any democratically supported policy dead in it's tracks.

This is the reason that a handful of special interest (insurance-lobby) senators get to play 'King of the Senate' while ruining an already dilute bill that well over a 50% majority support.  It really is despicable, and it's time for real change.

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